About Andrea

andrea-yates-millI discovered my love of music alongside my maternal grandfather, who played guitar & taught me to sing at a young age. Then my church choir director Frances Gamble got me up singing in front of the congregation at Centre Friends Meeting. Frances cast me in my first starring role at the tender age of 9, “Twinkle” the little star who led the wise men to Jesus. I still remember every word of the song “I’m Gonna Shine Again.”

I have performed in a variety of choirs, bands and shows over the years, studying voice in college, and doing a two-year stint in professional theater. After deciding a job with health insurance would best suit having a family, I left a full-time arts career to work in the corporate sector. However, my heart has been, and always will be, in the music.

I currently work as Corporate Director of Content at Capitol Broadcasting Company in Raleigh, NC. I started out at CBC as a temp when I moved to Raleigh with my cousin. I moved to see if a non-long-distance romance with my boyfriend would work. Well, both the job and the guy stuck. Over the years I finally talked my husband, Jay, an attorney by day, to play guitar for me to sing. Jay’s daughter, my sweet step-daughter, Emily, is a student at ECU. And Jay & I have a budding artiste, tween daughter, Alicia, who is a 5th grader.